Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fox Family Beach Day

This is a post I should have done a while ago, but I forgot about this day until I came across the pictures the other day! I guess I blew my OCD fetish about chronology! :P Oh, well, these pictures are just too cute to skip!

So, at some point in July the Fox's, Fox's, Esson's, MacLellan's, Kaley's, Watanabe's, and Macaloon's all gathered at Parlee Beach in New Brunswick for some fun, food, and laughs :) This was the fist time that I'd seen everyone since I'd moved home, so I had lots of fun playing with the girls in the water... Actually, Jada and I went searching for hermit crabs... she was pretty cute playing around in the tidal pools in the sand bars -she was scared of the crabs at first, but after watching how I picked them up from behind and put them in our bucket, she wanted to try too! When we got back to our patch of sand she exclaimed to everyone, "we got cwabs!" "you got what?" "Hewmit cwabs!!" She played and talked and patted them for at least 1/2 hour :)

Sydney and Patrick played in the sand for a while... apparently the little fishes were tasty... and Hannah was content in the water with her little bucket and matching swim outfit! :)

After a good time of swimming and hanging out we went to a picnic site for dinner! Mmmmm, what would a Fox Family day be without food?? ;) And more specifically, without shrimp... this time they were still frozen however, so Sarah came up with a plan on how to melt the ice!

We had lots of fun... good food, telling stories, laughing, playing Frisbee, entertaining children... a good day :) We took a family photo even! Something we haven't done in a while... we're still missing a few bodies, like Janna, and the Dreiers -but one of these days we'll get us ALL together :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here comes the Bride!!

After all the planning, hoping, preparing, and dreaming...

Here comes Kimmy (sorry, I was standing at the front and don't have pics of her coming down the isle... but she walked out to the worship song, "How Great is our God" which was amazing :) She was beautiful...

Kim and Min, and Kim's Dad and Mom (after the ceremony)

Maddie, Min's Niece was the flower girl

Some layout/decorations ...

The head Table

Cutting the Cake

Frist Dance... apparently Maddie was feeling left-out :)

Amanda and her little man 'Maddox' & Brides Maids and some Groom's Men

Me and Kimmy Ho

Whitt 3 Girls Alumni

Briercrest Alumni (30 in total!)

Decorating the Car

There they Go... the happy couple... "Hawaii Here We Come!!"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bachelorette and Getting Ready...

After a nice dinner out with Kim's Bridesmaids and a few friends...

We dressed her up and took her out!! :D

Her task, which she chose to accept, was to find 10 single men and get her picture taken with them... at the local park where there was a lively out door Band playing... the place was packed!

She asked many random men... but I think my favorite was the Police men :)

What's a Bachelorette Party without a little dancing in front of a crowd?? ... remind me to never get married for this very reason :D

So, the big day arrived... here are some 'getting ready' pics!

Kimmy getting makeup done

Sara, Nicole, Melissa and I all doing hair and makeup

Time for the Dress!!!

Min HO here we come.... :) "We're goin' to the chapel, and Kim's gunna get marrrrried..."

More from California

Here are a few photos of my time in California ~ time between Disney and the Wedding

Kimmy and I can't be together without watching our favorite movie, "Runaway Bride"... 3 times :)

Kim, Min, and I stayed up until 2 or 3 am on a few occasions working on the favors, programs, name tags and center pieces for the wedding... whew... Min and I just LOVE wraphia ;)

Programs ~ designed by Kimmy D herself :)

Favors and Name tag napkins... also designed by Kim

Kim and I at her Bridal Shower

Kim opening gifts... Melissa and Nicole on either side

More at Kim's shower...

Rachelle and Adam sang "In Christ Alone" during the wedding -it was beautiful... I got to spend some time with Rachelle, which was just awesome -this was the first time I'd seen her since Briercrest... I just love this girl :)

Sarah and John -another awesome couple. Honestly it was a BBC Whitt 3 reunion down there, it was so great to see everyone, hang out, and catch up on life... My Cup Ranneth Over!