Monday, December 29, 2008

MSF Video

Just wanted to make you aware of a very good video put out by Doctors Without Boarders (MSF). If you want to know more and see what the current situation in Southern Sudan is, this is very much worth watching.

(copy and paste it... I can't seem to make it a link)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Roller Coasters

I've never been much of a theme-park girl. Well, perhaps Bush Gardens or Disneyland - somewhere with lots of cool animals (like Goofy!). But, I just don't get a thrill out of the rides... the adrenalin rush tends to make me more nauseous then exhilarated :) Somehow, though, the Lord must feel like it's time to get me used to the ups and downs of adrenalin rides...

This whole 2 year+ process has not been without it's bumps. Some bigger then others. It's been easy and hard, a blessing and a pain, all at the same time :) The most recent "downward drop" on this roller coaster came about a week ago, just after I'd sent out my last Newsletter with the exciting info that I had a ticket booked back to Africa! I told everyone that I had reached 95% of my monthly support and was praying for that remaining 5%, and then I'd be boarding a plane on January 6th! Well, the following day I got an email from SIM...

I was informed that someone in the financial dept discovered that we'd been using the exchange rates from the summer, and now, about 4 months later, the exchange rates look vastly different. Making the necessary change in my 'monthly support-need tally' dropped my percentage from 95%.... back to 82%.

You see... the good thing about this roller coaster I'm on right now is that, I know the dude controlling it. Yes, there are twists and turns on this ride that I didn't see before I took my seat and pulled the big, black, puffy shoulder guard down. But, it's quite possible that if I had known about all these twists and turns, I never would have had the courage to do anything but watch from ground level. What else is there to do but ride it out, and TRUST that when you arrive at the end of the ride, it will have been the most amazing and mind blowing experience you've been on yet!

After all, the dude controlling the ride actually made the ride...with His own two hands... I wouldn't want anyone else running it. And besides, with everything He's got invested, He wants me to arrive at the end safe, sound, and smiling, just as much as I do! Actually, I dare say, even more. I'm in good Hands.