Sunday, January 20, 2008

Serving In Mission

As most of you will know, I've been in the process of going to Sudan for almost a year now. It all started last February, gained momentum through 2 orientation courses in Toronto this fall, and a an interview where SIM (Serving In Mission) accepted me as a new member and Sudan said "come on over!!" :) Yay! So, here are a few pictures of SIM related things from this Fall...

This is myself, Erin & Don (who are now married) & their new little girl Mahayla, and Craig -at the SIM annual fall retreat at Malagash in September :) This little group is a bit of a "Benin Reunion"...we all were on the same team to Benin, West Africa, 7 years ago

On a walk downtown Toronto in October when I was there for 3 weeks for 2 different courses! Whew... exhausting, but both really good!!

This was our MissionPrep course -the first 2 weeks... It was really, really good -there are still things that I need to process through! I met some really great people, all of us working with different organizations and going to different places around the world -Brazil, Vietnam, France, Ethiopia, Sudan, East Asia... cool :)

This last pictures is of Dan, Me, Sarah, and Sonya -the four muskateers for the first 2 weeks, then Sarah went home to get married, and Carrie (who I apparently didn't get a picture of) came to the SIM guest house for the remaining week of SIMCO. Good friends, laughed a lot, went through a lot, made many trips to the grocery store, and watch a lot of TV in the evenings... when we didn't have homework that is ;) Oh the memories!