Friday, October 05, 2007

Disneyland ... where dreams come true ...

What could be more fun then a whole day with one of your closest friends in a land where all your wildest dreams come true!? :)

This is Me and Kimmy -I went down to California for her wedding in August :) More blogs to come on that!!!

Now -sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not going to sit here and bash Disneyland saying what a money-grabber-turn-even-the-best-kids-to-brats-tourist-trap it is (although that might be slightly accurate). For those of you who know me- you know that I'm not your typical "let loose" sorta gal to run around to all the rides, eat 10 lbs of cotton candy (well, maybe), and get all giddy... But, I have got to say, that after a day at Disneyland -even the most reserved persons start to act a bit different :P

It's so funny -and I spent most of the day observing- because the majority of the adults are more into it than the kids... walking around with Mickey ears, or Pirate Hats, or face paint -laughing hysterically at friends, genuinely enjoying their children (until 6pm when every child in the park starts whining, smiles turn to pouts, and little arms are being dragged while clinging to larger ones...), standing in 2-hour long adult ride lines!! Now, I really am not a "rides" person -the anxiety and adrenaline are NOT that enjoyable to me... which is why, of course, the Tarzan Treehouse was my favorite :) It used to be the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse -back in the good old days of childhood -or in Christy Miller... but today, it's Tarzan -with the same jungle sounds playing, and a real life "Trashin' the camp" scene :P

Kimmy convinced me that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride didn't have a "drop" in it -although I had some distant memory of one from when my mother "forced" me on the ride when I was little -I'm still traumatized slightly that she took me on that -it creeped me out now and I'm 24!! Oh, and yep... there is a drop -one where I screamed and Kimmy yelled "Oh no, I'm SO sorry..." all the way down :D

My favorite ride (Tarzan doesn't count as a ride) was by FAR the Indiana Jones Adventure one... I was sorta dreading it -thought Kim might be trying to fake-trick me again ;) But once we were on and going, I just love it (and was still slightly terrified until it was over!) The very last part you are coming up to this smoke screen that they have an image projected on, then you drive through it and you see Indiana Jones and this huge boulder rolling behind him ...right at you... closer... closER ... IJ jumps out of the way ... CLOSER!!! ...then you DROP! right when you think it's going to fully run you down & Disney has a serious safety issue on their rides hands and you are going to be on the front page of the LA newspaper tomorrow! Honestly I was so relieved that we dropped that I didn't even mind it! haha! Then you roll to a stop thinking -that was amazing... how did they do that?? :) I would go back on that one in a heart beat :) (-and I don't even have any pictures of it!)

So what is the perfect way to end a Day at Disney? Peanut butter cup Caramel apples and the Fire Works Show! Ok, so I know this might sound ridiculous, and I KNOW my description will not do them justice, but these were by far the best fireworks I've ever seen in my life. They start sorta normal -pow-pow-color, you know... but then... in flies a real-live Tinkerbell!! and she is "lighting" up the castle and whizzing here and there (that person in real life MUST take Gravol before doing this!!) the whole time with music playing over the loud speakers -but not just any music, some really inspirational music and theme songs from movies... then the fire works go off in time WITH the music and suddenly, when you aren't expecting it, fireworks start going off all AROUND you! 360 and I'm not kidding! You have to turn to see them all and the whole time your heart just gets more and more excited and you think about the day that went by -all the fun and memories and you truly do start to think "yes, all my dreams WILL come true!!" :D Seriously - IT HAPPENS! This place is MAGICAL!! I CRIED EVEN!! hahaha (I wish that were just a tad more shocking...)

As "magical" as this place is, I couldn't help but wonder at the other 2/3 of the people on this earth... what would they think if they came to Disneyland for the day -would their kids be entertained or terrified? would they feel free or overstimulated? would they pick bread over cotton candy? would -after everything was said and done- they rather return to their games with sticks and rock and other kids? The "culture" of entertainment that seems so natural and normal to us was really making me think all day long -I greatly enjoyed my time, and it really was hard to go home -I would have rathered stay ... but I wasn't sure if I liked that ... Food for thought --it was an awesome day though! :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

"I LOVE my Red Room!"

Years ago I had this vision of painting my room red... and it took years to convince my mother that yes I would love it when we were done, and yes, she would too! As we (but mostly my parents-how did I weasel my way out of that one!?) started painting the intense "Chilli Pepper" red all over my walls I saw fear in their eyes...! "Just give it time, I have to get my stuff up on the walls... You'll catch the vision I promise!!" Here is the (mostly) end result... and I absolutely LOVE it... and about once a week, mom will walk in my room as the sun is setting and say "you know... this room really does look nice with the evening sun coming in the window..." YAY! :D -the vision is caught! That picture above my bed was given to me by a few girls from my hall at Briercrest and I got it dry mounted -I love it... (oh, those curtains were my friend Meagan's that she didn't want any more -I love them too!) A bright orange chair -perfect :P ...So many happy African faces... :D Edmontonians -please note the new "happy place" sign location This wall is still awaiting a picture from Edmonton (Meag -the mirror you made me looks so good in here!) Some may find it too bright -too colorful, others too cluttered with pictures and things, and even though Pam Hobbs says "oh my... I don't think I could live in here!"... I LOVE my red room!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Mora Berry Car

Hello... I would like to introduce you to my car...

I bought her in July, she is a 2nd hand 1999 Nissan Altima... and (since I have no pet and need to name something...) her name is Mora -because she is the color of a Mora Berry from Ecuador (mmmmm... the best juice ever... along with passion fruit!). Not only is she sort of purple (which is better than burgundy... I hate burgundy cars -sorry if you have one), but she is blonde on the inside which makes me happy, and she likes to play my country music, roll down her windows and go on road trips :)Mora is pleased to meet you :)