Thursday, February 28, 2008


One of the nice things about living at home again is being around for all the Traditions :) You know me and Traditions... we go back a long ways and aren't so easily separated ;)

Mom and Dad making our yearly "Almond Butter Crunch" Christmas Candy - they've been making this since before Janna and I were born - now THAT's a tradition ;)

Look at us being helpful... we always get the important job of painting on the chocolate -this year we got a bit confused I guess... Janna seems to have chocolate fingernail polish even!!

Decorating our Christmas Tree

The MacIsaac Christmas Party - every year my Nanny's side of the family has a big gathering in O'Leary PEI, of all her brothers and sisters (15 at one point -less now), their children, grandchildren... and on it goes... not everyone can make it every year, but the show must go on! year after year after year after year... perhaps it's from this side of the family that I got my affinity/need for traditions!

Nanny and Pappy and grandchildren (at least the ones present)

Christy and Pappy
( just in case you are wondering at the name change... My Pappy has called me "Christy" for as long as I can remember -it's his nick name for me, not "Chris"- "Christy" and he's the ONLY one on the planet who's allowed :) (even strangers or patients when they get my name wrong and call me Christy, they get the whole story... "sorry, you can call me Chris or Christiane... but my Pappy is the ONLY ONE who calls me Christy"...)

Of course, another tradition that goes without saying and is sorely missed when one of the families is away... That is the Bryant/Fox Christmas Eve gathering :) We have pictures of this event from WAY back... one where I'm holding Jamsey in my lap and he's pretty new! Here's a few pics of our 2007 Christmas Eve, with EVERYONE present (no kids were in Africa, Australia, or Ecuador!)

That's most of the "pre" Christmas ones (that come with pictures anyway ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause...

Woah, sorry about the delay people! Finally here are some pictures from the Holidays! These are the "leading up to Christmas" ones :)

Our Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Study - the highlight of my week!

Carol sing at Peter's house... awe I love our Church!

Baking with our small group Youth Group girls

Kristen making rice krispy squares

Laurissa packing up boxes of Christmas goodies to be delivered to special people

This is most of our YG girls (grades 9 & 10) From left to right, back to front: Me (Christiane), Regan (Rudolph), Erin, Fiona, Kristin, Heidi, Laurissa (kissy), and Cerys :)
This picture was taking at the Christmas party after our "gift that keeps on giving" night where we walked around Spring Garden Road (downtown Halifax) giving out gifts to random people we felt the Lord put on our hearts - we had a blast... my favorite was the 2 ambulance drivers we waved down at a stop light... they probably thought someone had died! haha, they just got chocolate instead :)

Janna and I spent a day in Tatamagouche with Sam, one of our all-time favorite people. She had just recently had a baby in November, and this was our first time seeing little Danny :) (and first time meeting Marcus too for that matter! AND my first time getting there without getting lost -haha!)

He's just beautiful - and she's such a proud mommy :) It was SO good to see you guys!

And this final one is of my Nanny teaching my Dad how to make biscuits for our Seafood Chowder on Christmas Eve! I love this picture :D