Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Plastic Family

This entry is a tribute to the 2+ wonderful years that I had the prevelage of working with the 3D3 Plastic Surgery team at the U of A hospital in Edmonton :D I am seriously going to miss these guys SO much when I am back home...

From some of our very memorable foul-mouthed drunk/high patients, escaping convicts in orange jump suits, sad trauma stories, and gool 'ol run of the mill wired jaw boys, I have LOVED this place :)

My last night shift a few weeks ago, Liz and Margaret threw me a going away tea party! Awe, they were so sweet! Liz even carefully wraped her good china tea cups in her bag so that it was official ;) We poured ourselves tea and ate cupcakes full of icing sitting the middle of the hallway giggling and hoping none of the patients would right their call bells :P

Every night that I am on night shift I am faithful to this little green chair by the waterfall... I always come with my tea and bagel and my Beth Moore Bible study to sit and enjoy the sound of water for an hour and 1/2. Some nights I struggle to stay awake and keep my eyes open, other nights I'm totally allert and enjoy praying for people while I sit and stare off into space, other nights I sit and think about all the kids up on the 4th floor that have thrown pennies and dimes into the fountain making a wish... probably to get out of the hospital and home with their toys :) Some times, especially in the summer I watch the sky through the glass roof as it gets lighter and lighter at 4:30 in the morning (one of the things I love about living in Edmonton-daylight from 4:30am-11:30pm). Ahhhh, I love my little spot by the fountain... I'll miss my little spot by the fountain.

Before I left Edmonton I wanted to take a few of the ladies out and have them try... yep, you guessed it, Ethiopian food! :) I was really impressed with them! I was scared that a few might really dislike it, but I was as pleasantly surprised as they were about how much they enjoyed the food! Yay!

Thanks for everything you guys, all the laughs, the wisdom and encouragement. You are the best team I could have ever hoped to work with. I'll miss you lots, and I'll forsure keep in touch -I'll need to make sure you "make good" on your ideas to fund raise for me... hahaha, just kidding :) Love ya's, Keep on keepin' on.