Friday, July 25, 2008

Meagan Monday

Yeah, I know... I'm still months behind on my blog updates... but here is the last one from my time out West in May :)

This was "Meagan Monday"... the date we took out to Elk Island - the first time either of us had ever been there.
Meagan and I were in the same tutorial group at the start of our 3rd year of Nursing... I'd just gotten back from Africa and had shared a few applicable stories with our group and, as she tells it, she decided that she'd "get the rest outta' me"! I was sort of a shy, unfriendly type... I'm thankful she got curious enough to try and crack my shell :) As little as we have in common (seriously, major opposites, from taste in shoes to our definitions of a good time! haha) I absolutely love this girl to death :) Enjoy our photos.

This was our picnic... in the rain I might add... meag lent me her mittens :)

Solo shots (looks like Africa in the background, don't you think?)

Meag trying to see if the Fairy Tale really does come true... (we're still waiting...)

Double-chin-sky-shots... my favorite :D

Thanks for your friendship Meagan...You'd better move in to the hut down the path from me in Sudan... we've gotta keep up tradition!
I love you, I really do :)