Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Big Piece of the "Home" Puzzle

I don't think I can even put to words what it was like to finally be back at Malagash. Seriously. My first week and a 1/2 in Nova Scotia felt a little odd, but when I was back at camp, suddenly, everything felt familiar again and I felt like I was home.

It was like water to my soul to spend time with so many people I haven't seen in years... Anna, Betty, Colby, the Walsh's, Laura Boyce... it's a long list :) Technically I was camp nurse for 2 weeks; the 1st Jr. Teens, and grades 3-5 camp. However, when I wasn't in the nurses station doctoring a cut or headache, I was in the kitchen. I thought that after having been gone for so long, the last place at camp I'd want to be spending time would be the kitchen... but truly, it blessed my heart :) It took me about 24 hours to have all the ropes come back (even then I had to ask once in a while where some random tool's home was...). I have SO many memories in that space, and they all camp back during that week... like working the dish washer with Fiona and Nathalie, peeling so many potatoes (which is hardly ever done now), seeing Tracy's bright face come around the corner and give me a hug each morning, Karen Douglas saving the pot that we'd made Rice Krispy Squares in for Denis who would always sit on the freezer out back to polish it off, making cookies on the HOBART, hiding away in the walk-in (the old walk-in with the iron handle) on the hottest summer days... oh! So many memories :D

Oh! So many NEW memories... like grape eating contests and random fun with the kitchen girls, late night talks with as many people as possible (Luke and Jordan, Anna, Laura, Karen and Julia -I LOVE these times...), Late night "Pie Parties" with who ever is around (we polished off 4 left over pies that night... Islay eating the lion's share ;) -Shhhh, I don't think "Beddly" knows still !!), wandering around the field and through the woods blind folded and holding hands on our way to a staff party at Brian and Elaine's, Sunset swims with the Kitchen girls and Anna, praying on the beach with Anna, Mission Impossible spent the best way: laying on the wet grass with Jenni and Julia talking about Friends quotes :), "Brian the Bridge Troll", Making 3 runs into the Tatty hospital in 24 hours (those stories are too long for one post), learning more than I ever imagined about some of the staff's "irregularities" in system functions (that is a delicately as I can put that on a blog!), Drawing with Kevin (camper who sprained his finger) in the nurses station while waiting for the rest of the camp to come down from the Staff/Camper Soccer game (where he sprained his finger!) :P And conspiring with Laura and all the campers, against all the counselors, to steal all their bunks and hide them on the motel deck! This was SO fun... and I must say, in spite of some bad reviews from staff, the campers LOVED this late-night activity :D Laura and I got quite a kick out of it ourselves ;) (FABULOUS idea Laura!!)

All in all I cherished every moment of my time at camp. The Lord is so Faithful, in general, but also specifically to that place... His ministry continues for generations as He raises up new people to labor there... it's a training ground for many, a huge place of growth for all, and special to everyone who set's foot on the land (at least it should be :D)

Sweet Home Nova Scotia :)

Yay! I'm home... where the air is humid and salty, the cows are black and white spotted and the dirt is red... and all the buildings are covered in bouys!!! :D (I'm just kidding about that last part you know... I feel the need to clarify and not feed the stereo type you westerners have that all of us from Nova Scotia are fishermen!! --although the next picture won't help either, but I think it's hilarious :P)

These pictures are from my first Saturday at home when I took off on a road trip with Ma and Pa Fox to Lunenberg Nova Scotia... I haven't been there since I was really, really little. It's a quaint little town with lots of history... It's a nice little tourist trap but also very enjoyable for those of us from here that just love our province :) There are lots of little unique shops and crafty places, really, really yummy restaurant's. (Now that's what I call a "flower pot"!)

We had a loverly day with lots of laughs -as always. It's nice to be home.